Based on the following rights conferred upon children aged between 0 and 18 under the UN Convention for the Rights of the Child:

  • Right to life,
  • Right to personal development and healthy food
  • Right to participation
  • Right to protection and housing, and
  • Right to education,

The Platform aims to improve the rights of the child by observing the best interests of the child, develop and implement informative and awareness projects for preventing violations of the rights of the child, cooperate with the media in an effort to ensure that public messages condemning and requesting correction of any such violation, help children, by using social media as well, grow into self-confident individuals by accessing equal opportunities depending on their personal skills, and cooperate closely with the Ministry of National Education, Ministry of Health and other related public authorities and NGOs for these purposes.

Charity associations and foundations for children believe that all children always need special care in and outside their family and should be provided with proper education. This care includes the provision of healthy and informed nutrition beginning from infancy, protection of physical health, provision of education, training, cultural development, help build self-confidence, creativity and personal skills, detection of psychological problems in a timely manner and offering solutions to them. The purpose here is to ensure that children grow into contributing members of society under the principles listed above.

The Platform also aims to enhance public awareness about the importance of growing children into contributing members of society by observing their best interests; teaching children to respect human rights; teaching children that democracy, rule of law and fight against discrimination of any kind as part of their education; affording children proper physical and mental development; helping children protect their own identity; affording children strong and healthy family ties and education and training that suit their personal skills; identifying and improving their personal skills; and helping them become aware of societal conscious and of their rights.


The goals of the Platform, as a non-political organization:

To serve the best interests of children in line with the purposes of all the members of the Platform and ensure that all measures necessary to help children grow into healthy and educated individuals by bringing together the capabilities of its corporate members, and to identify all problems affecting children and to share them with the public and media along with solutions to them;

To support civil society projects that can play an important role in the introduction of political reforms; contribute to all efforts aimed at aligning the related national laws and regulations with those of the EU; develop projects to increase public awareness about the benefits of the requirements under the Convention for the Rights of the Child and to advocate the inclusion of those benefits in school books and course programs; contact and cooperate with public authorities with regard to such projects; and to cause to be prepared scientific reports and enhance public awareness about how children can be raised under improved circumstances.


  1. Each corporate member of the Platform must provide the mailing address and e-mail address of one or two of its executives appointed as representatives by its senior management. The Platform shall convene in the presence of those representatives to elect the Platform’s representative, secretary and clerk, all of whom shall hold office for 1 year.
  2. The Platform shall convene once every month at the Platform head-office to debate and decide on all issues on the agenda, and shall then send all decisions adopted to the Platform members. Corporate members of the Platform shall convene at a designated venue once every month to discuss and decide on all issues on the agenda, contact related public authorities and thus contribute to the Platform’s projects assigned to them.
  3. The Platform Secretary shall set up an electronic mail network to ensure communication among the Platform members. The Platform members shall build a joint website or link to promote the Platform.
  4. Forums, panel meetings, conferences and symposiums focusing on issues falling within the scope of the Platform’s purposes shall be organized, and scientific reports on the results of and proposals made at any such event shall prepared and shared with the public.
  5. NGOs in the EU and in Turkey shall be contacted regularly to develop cooperation projects.
  6. Projects shall be developed to apply for related EU grants.
  7. The media and other related organizations shall be contacted to obtain their support for these purposes.
  8. The Platform members shall act in harmony on all issues specified and decided by the Platform at its meetings and set up joint working groups as may be needed. Each member who will be responsible for implementing any decision adopted at any Platform meeting shall be designated at such meeting. The Platform Secretary shall be responsible for monitoring the implementation of any such decision and update the Platform members thereon regularly.
  9. Chairpersons and Board members of the Associations and Foundations with membership of the Platform shall not personally make any statement to the media about the Platform without the prior approval of the Platform. All media statements shall be made only by the Platform’s representative or another individual or organization appointed by the Platform to that end. In case of emergency, the Platform Chairperson may make statements on behalf of the Platform, provided only that the opinion of each members is obtained by e-mail in advance and the statement intended reflects the opinion of a majority of the members.
  10. Any business or decision discussed, debated or adopted at any general meeting of the Platform members shall be kept strictly confidential and shall not be disclosed in any manner. Any member found in violation of this confidentiality requirement shall be dismissed from the Platform. Any statement made by any Platform member about its own business shall not be binding upon the Platform in any manner.
  11. A Platform representative who is absent from 3 consecutive meetings of the Platform without just cause shall be removed from the Platform.
  12. A Platform member which fails, without just cause, three times to fulfill any task assigned to it in a calendar year shall be removed from the Platform.
  13. The Platform shall be given a name found appropriate by a majority of the members and shall thereupon be promoted to the public under that name.